TriMin XA Extension Packs for Manufacturers

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Indented Bill of Material (BOM) Review Tool - iBOM

Engineer at CAD station

TriMin’s BOM tool provides an easier way to review an XA Bill of Material, and provide visibility around costing and planning information that can be used in many areas of your business including Engineering, Finance, Planning, and Shop Floor.

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Multi-BOM Upload
to XA

Gear style parts with CAD drawing

An integrated CAD Bridge solution that provides a standard bridge to import single or indented bills, and if required routings, items, and item warehouse information with a visual review/audit process to ensure accurate data into your ERP.

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Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) Tool

Printed charts, marker and small whiteboard

The MRP toolset augments XA/MRP with value-added extensions, functions and an efficient work bench tailored to each planning area within your organization to create a SOP driven decision process around handling order release, changes and cancellations.

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Engineering Change Management

Plant manager and sales person on manufacturing floor

Our ECR/ECN tool provides a comprehensive solution to record initial Engineering Change Requests (ECR) throughout many sources such as shop floor, review approval cycle completely through the ECO process into your XA/EPDM module.

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Infor and TriMin are focused on delivering software that helps manufacturing companies achieve their business goals and objectives and compete in today’s global markets.

ERP XA software is a complete, fully-integrated set of software applications focused on companies that design, develop, market, sell, produce, and compete globally with their products. Learn more about ERP XA’s capabilities by segment:

  • Marketing & Sales
  • Engineering
  • Supply Chain
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality
  • Finance
  • Information Technology

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Mobilize your business securely and in real-time. Integrate with all your systems, aggregate your data in real time and deliver it securely to any web or mobile user. Help your organization harness the full power of mobility and cloud access, without all of the hassles and pitfalls of app development.

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