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TriMin Services

TriMin services focus on leveraging Infor technology to solve visibility, performance, communication, and productivity issues. TriMin’s consultants and technical advisors are seasoned manufacturing professionals who understand and know XA and IBMi. Our team listens first to your business and system needs, and then proposes project specific education, training and consulting with your existing XA solutions, or new software, to solve your stated objectives.

Technical Consulting & Education

Education and Training provided by our consulting team can enhance the productivity and efficiency of your manufacturing operations and equip your people with the knowledge and tools to be successful. Through completely customized education, employees acquire a true understanding of the features and functions of their specific solutions or application. This understanding helps drive business results.

Programming & IT Outsourcing

If you need custom solutions, TriMin has the skills to design and program modifications and enhancements to the software we provide. Our programming and integration services ensure high-quality and cost effective solutions to meet your company’s complex business needs.

TriMin’s technical team offers IT outsourcing services to augment existing staff, capabilities, and company IT directions. Contact us to learn more. >>

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Infor and TriMin are focused on delivering software that helps manufacturing companies achieve their business goals and objectives and compete in today’s global markets.

ERP XA software is a complete, fully-integrated set of software applications focused on companies that design, develop, market, sell, produce, and compete globally with their products. Learn more about ERP XA’s capabilities by segment:

  • Marketing & Sales
  • Engineering
  • Supply Chain
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality
  • Finance
  • Information Technology

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Mobilize your business securely and in real-time. Integrate with all your systems, aggregate your data in real time and deliver it securely to any web or mobile user. Help your organization harness the full power of mobility and cloud access, without all of the hassles and pitfalls of app development.

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