Helping Manufacturing Companies Succeed

TriMin helps manufacturing companies achieve their business goals and objectives through the use of technology and business solutions. As an Infor and IBM business partner, TriMin provides software and services based on over twenty-five years of manufacturing industry experience.

Value-based Software & Services

TriMin’s technical advisors are seasoned manufacturing professionals focused on solving visibility, performance, communication, and productivity issues with Infor software and technology. Our solutions help lower your total cost of ownership while maximizing company performance. We work with you and your system needs and directions, from replacing your existing software, to targeted applications in marketing and sales, production, finance, supply chain, and engineering...
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Infor business and technology solutions

Infor software solutions are a complete, fully-integrated set of manufacturing and financial management software applications focused on companies that engineer, develop, market, sell, produce, and compete globally with their products.

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Mobilize your business securely and in real-time. Integrate with all your systems, aggregate your data in real time and deliver it securely to any web or mobile user. Help your organization harness the full power of mobility and cloud access, without all of the hassles and pitfalls of app development.

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Product Configuration Management

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Streamline the selling and production of your configured products. Create compelling quotes, accurate orders, and complete bills of materials and routings for your production and operations. learn more

Advanced Planning & Scheduling

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Plan and schedule your operations based on both material and capacity. Quote accurate ‘capable’ and ‘available’ to promise dates to your customers. Ship on-time, reduce inventory, achieve shorter production cycle times, and lower operation costs. learn how

Product Life Cycle Management

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Collaborate more closely with external partners and suppliers to shorten product lead times and get to your markets faster with the right products. learn more